Pavement Condition Index

Many years ago, we were commissioned to create the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) currently in use by Michigan State University. During each initial site assessment we complete the PCI and provide it to the pavement owner. This valuable survey determines the general, overall condition of the asphalt. The written report contains a prioritized list of pavement distress, a prediction of the pavements remaining service life, recommended maintenance options and a budget estimate for the suggested repairs. This database, which consists of an inventory of all pavements owned and maintained by the University at their East Lansing campus, enables MSU to determine, at the push of a button, the condition of each individual parking lot or roadway. This information is used to forecast budgetary needs for the maintenance, repair, or reconstruction of their pavements as much as 20 years in the future. We are now implementing this same system in a number of other areas throughout Michigan, including Okemos School District, Jackson County ISD, and other clients such as The University of Notre Dame, Ashley Capital, and Meijer, as well as Etkin Equities, a large property management firm located in the Metro Detroit area.