Our Services

Preventative Maintenance

Focusing on the owner's needs, goals and budget, PCI will recommend maintenance methods that have been proven over time to be cost effective and will lengthen and enhance the service life of the pavement.


The asphalt experts at PCI are well versed in pavement rehabilitation. Utilizing the prioritized list of pavement distress from the initial site assessment, we will develop a plan of rehabilitation strategies, including budget estimates and alternatives that can vary with both short-term and long-term goals.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance

All PCI projects have QC/QA specifications, which insist that contractors take responsibility for production control and proper placement of the pavement. Our quality assurance procedures will verify that all mix design parameters, including the volumetrics of the asphalt mixture and the essential in-place density requirements, are met. When used correctly, these controls allow for forensic analysis of the asphalt. After the pavement has reached its service life, this information will serve as the platform for further work, decades in the future.


Recognizing that all asphalt mixes are not suitable for all applications, PCI works with owners, architects and other design professionals to ensure proper mix selection. Our carefully crafted, award-winning specifications are free from "loopholes" that may be exploited by contractors and level the field for bidders, assuring the owner an accurate basis for comparing bids. Often our laboratory experts will suggest modifications to existing DOT specifications that will enhance the constructability and performance of the pavement.

The company has been prequalified with the Michigan Department of Transportation in the following areas:

Construction Engineering

Inspection & Testing Services