Our Corporate Resume

For nearly a quarter of a century the company has grown rapidly, becoming the consultant of choice for many companies. The Michigan Department of Transportation selected us to act as their construction managers in excess of $18 million worth of highway reconstruction projects. In the spring of 2004, we were retained to provide Bituminous Engineering Training to the Pavement Engineers and Traveling Mix Inspectors from the seven MDOT regions. This intensive, weeklong course provided attendees with specific information regarding bituminous mixtures, asphalt plant operations and construction practices.

We have worked with companies such as Meijer Inc., Pfizer (formerly Pharmacia/Upjohn), Ashley Capital, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan, Michigan State University; The University of Notre Dame; Grand Valley State University; Kettering University; as well as a number of school systems in Michigan and other states. Recently PCI assisted with the design, site development, and asphalt paving at the new Chobani Yogurt plant in Twin Falls, Idaho.

We maintain close contact with the Michigan Department of Transportation, the Asphalt Pavement Paving Association of Michigan, the Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association, Michigan Concrete Association, Flexible Pavements of Ohio, the Asphalt Institute, and the National Center for Asphalt Technology, as well as a number of universities doing continuing asphalt research. The members of our staff have contributed in the task force and committee structure that determines the methods by which asphalt pavements are produced and placed in Michigan and other states. By doing so, we are able to assure our clients that their specifications are crafted using the most current information available. To our knowledge, few other pavement consultant firms participate at this level.

Superpave Review

In 1997, we were retained by MDOT to provide a review and assessment of the eight original Superpave projects constructed in the state. This project consisted of an analysis of the construction practices, plant operations, quality control and quality assurance procedures, test data, and in-place pavements. The reports and the related data were used in developing the Superpave asphalt pavement specifications currently in use.