bituminous inspection pavement
We act as dynamic 'real-time' project managers, and are able to take a proactive approach to directing a project, rather than tell the owner/project manager what happened, several days, or even weeks after the fact.

About Us

Pavement Consultants Inc. PCI, formerly PMSI, was founded in 1996 by Jeff Click, who recognized the need for the development of hot mix asphalts that could out-perform conventional pavements typically placed in commercial applications and other low-volume areas, such as parking lots, playgrounds, or athletic surfaces.

Upon his retirement early in 2012, the company was purchased by long-time PMSI Operations Manager Robert (Bobby) J. Pfauth, II and was renamed Pavement Consultants, Inc.

Why Use A Pavement Consultant?

In today's world of ever-changing technology and specifications, it's become imperative for pavement owners to have the services of experts in the field. Pavement structures designed, inspected and tested by PCI are renowned for their durability and maintenance free longevity. Let us help you make the proper decisions for your asphalt pavements, whether for new construction or the maintenance for existing once.

PCI offers comprehensive cost effective pavement management programs and engineering solutions tailored to your unique and specific needs.