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Pavement Consultants Inc. (PCI) is an engineering/consulting firm specializing in asphalt pavements, and the foundations on which they are placed.

We help pavement owners, and those who are responsible for their management and maintenance, who are disappointed in the performance of their pavements, frustrated that repairs they may have made are in need of repair, and confused by contractors, make proper, cost-effective, and timely decisions. For new, or reconstruction, we can assist the owner of a pavement, for an approximate 10%-15% increase in initial construction costs, we can often double the life expectancy of the structure.

We are also able to get the owner a 5-year warranty, provided by the contractor.

A well-designed asphalt pavement consists of:

PCI Consultants, Inc. Pavement Construction Asphalt Example

Unfortunately, so does a poorly designed asphalt pavement

Let us help you plan your next pavement project.